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All technology requires top-notch support systems to ensure smooth operations and to assist team members relying on critical systems.


Email is more critical than any other communication medium today. We partnered with Microsoft to bring world-class Office 365 email and collaboration services to our clients, so they can enjoy peace of mind.


60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. Let’s save your business from being an unfortunate statistic.


No longer want the headache and risks of having a server room on-site? We’re happy to move all of your critical IT systems into the cloud for simplicity, stability and mobility.


Your business relies more on technology today than ever before. Our expertise ensures you make the right decisions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth.


The world has changed dramatically. You have already been targeted by digital attacks, and you’ll be targeted again. We’ll encrypt data, block malware, and secure your systems from digital criminals.


An hour of web site downtime is enough to convince clients you’re out of business. Trust us to keep your web site available, stable, and ready for business.


We’ve partnered with several nationwide VoIP providers to bring the best modern phone systems to our clients. Our experts can assist in implementing and support any modern phone system.


How long can your business be shut down? 95% of businesses experienced outages for reasons unrelated to natural disasters. We’ll help you plan and execute solutions for all business disruptions.

About You

  • You’re the owner or manager of business that is working hard to succeed in today’s environment of unique opportunities.
  • You’re looking for a team for Chicago IT support that values your journey and work just as hard as you to stabilize, protect and improve your technology.
  • It’s a careful high-wire balancing act. You need IT that gets that.
  • You already know that as an entrepreneur, the needs of your business are different from Fortune 100 companies, but you also can’t afford to cut corners that put you at risk.
  • You are budget-conscious, but want professional enterprise-grade service. If this sounds like you, we’ll be an excellent fit.

Our Story

Our founder has been providing Chicago IT support to small businesses since age sixteen. As a entrepreneur himself, he has always appreciated working with like-minds and empowering others to reach their goals. Today, the Chicago Technology Group is a small group of IT experts that handle everything from managing Windows networks to building web sites to running network cables. Anything our clients need, we get done–whether we can do it in-house or by bringing in an outside vendor. Our seamless service delivery model allows our clients to focus on their business, and not worry about the finer details of their information technology.

What do our clients say?

“Contracting with ChicagoTG for their professional technology support services has afforded us the peace of mind to ‘leave that job to them’ so that we can get back to the basics of focusing all of our time and energies doing what we do best–managing a real estate office.”
Joan S.

“After years of patching together our computers and server, our system was sufficiently ‘messed up.’ We were rebooting every few hours to prevent data loss. Then we called ChicagoTG and now our system is ‘flawless.’ You people are GREAT!! Thank you.”
Tim C

“I have partnered with ChicagoTG for all of my company computer and technology needs. I have always found them extremely dependable and quick to respond. Whatever I have been able to envision for the future technology needs of my company, they have been able to implement. ChicagoTG continues to be a very needed and valuable asset to my company.”
Carol M.

“ChicagoTG has always been there for us, whether we needed a ‘quick fix’ or routine maintenance of our computers and network. In addition, at the management and consulting level, ChicagoTG’s advice has been invaluable to us in putting together the ‘pieces of the computer puzzle’ and formulating a cohesive computer strategy.”
Jeff S.

Time to Upgrade Your IT Partner?

We do not have clients. We have partners. We review businesses before extending an offer of partnership.
We devote significant resources to each partnership and cannot accept every business that applies.